BTS Backup Power

LINGRUI 19.2kWh-143.36kWh
BTS Backup Power System Solutions

Solution Features

High cycle life indoor & outdoor base station solutions

  • High density

    High energy density, saving space for the base station.

  • Smart

    Pack Modular design, support new and old batteries, mixed with lead-acid batteries

  • Reliable

    with complete protection function to ensure the battery safe and reliable operation.

  • Long life

    Cycle times up to 6000 cycles

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

Suitable for wide application

  • Public Network Microsite

    The micro base station can be regarded as a miniaturized base station. All the equipment can be concentrated in a smaller chassis for easy installation.
  • Public network macro station

    Generally, there are special racks to provide capacity. Large capacity, machine room required, good reliability and convenient maintenance.
  • Railway Special network macro/micro station

    The tower base station requires the battery response speed, which is not high require for the battery daily charging and discharging speed. thus reducing the probability of combustion and explosion accidents during the charging process of the echelon use batteries.
  • the Army private network macro/micro station

    Usually stationed or set up at the front of the border or other sensitive areas that require vigilance, due to the special environmental climate of the border and the importance of using the equipment, most troops are now starting to use lithium battery energy storage.
Applicable Products

Can use for Residential Energy Storage Solutions

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