Utility Energy Storage System

1MW LFP ESS Solution

500KW 0.5MW 1MW Container LFP ESS Solution is packaged in a high standard container, and lef battery is the basic energy storage device.

2.3MW LFP ESS Solution

The high energy density LFP battery system is packaged in a standard 40 foot container with a single container capacity of 2.3 MWh.

High Voltage LFP Array ESS

High voltage LFP battery array storage is a 1500V DC voltage level system, which can be integrated with 1MW / plus power converter system.

1MW LTO Container ESS

The energy storage system of LTO battery is packaged in high standard containers, and the LTO battery is the basic energy storage device.

Outdoor Cabinet

Standardized cabinet modularization concept, sunward energy C & amp; I energy storage system is designed for customized energy integration, which can easily expand the total capacity by connecting additional cabinets side by side.

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