Utility Energy Storage System

LINGRUI 38.4kWh - 6MWh
Work hard to make our earth clean

Solution Features

Provide power ancillary services for the Utility Energy Storage

  • Modular Design

    Modular design´╝îShort construction cycle of battery energy storage power station

  • High utilization

    Cost effective with high energy density and power density

  • Stable operation

    stable operation with high overall efficiency

  • Long life

    long calendar life, long cycle life

  • Wide applicability

    Multiple functions and wide environmental adaptability

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

Suitable for wide application

  • Power generation side energy storage

    Energy storage system provides energy storage and output management for power generation side.Energy storage technology and renewable energy generation technology form a joint system
  • Grid side energy storage

    the energy storage system provide smart load management for power transmission and distribution side,and modulate frequency and peak in time according to power grid loads
  • User Consumption side energy storage

    the energy storage system Provide a peak-valley electricity price arbitrage mode and stable power quality management for customers
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