Solar Street Led Solution

LINGRUI 43Ah-300Ah
Government Level Street Led Energy Storage Solutions

Solution Features

Process level explosion-proof street led energy storage solutions

  • Natural heat dissipation

    Aluminum magnesium alloy case design,which is far away from the cell group, forming a natural heat conduction design of the battery case.

  • High technology

    Aluminum magnesium alloy case, light and thin, streamlined design

  • Stable operation

    Stable operation and high overall efficiency

  • Long life

    Long cycle life, cycle times > 6000 times @80% DOD

  • Easy to install

    Thin and light design for convenient installation

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

Suitable for wide application

  • City lighting

    provide solutions for urban street lighting, park lighting, square lighting , scenic spot lighting, airport lighting, highway lighting, etc
  • New rural reconstruction

    lighting up the new countryside, providing lighting solutions for rural streets and courtyards. Solve the problem of frequent power failure and power shortage in rural areas.
  • Police monitoring

    police monitoring equipment in the service area, providing solar energy solutions for police monitoring equipment to keep it operation 24 hours a day.
  • Highways

    First-class quality serving highways all over the country with high quality and customized solutions.
Applicable Products

Can use for Residential Energy Storage Solutions

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