Commercial & Industricial Energy Storage

LINGRUI 67kWh - 6MWh
Commercial & Industricial Energy Storage Solution

Solution Features

High Investment Value for C&I Energy Storage Solutions

  • Modular

    Modular design,Easy to install operation,flexible expansion

  • Long Life

    Excellent Heat Dissipation Design, Extend Battery Life

  • Easy to Install

    Standardized container design can be used for easier installation

  • Multiple Solutions

    AC busbar solution, DC busbar solution and other energy storage solutions are available

  • Intelligent

    It can form a micro-grid system with other power generation equipment, loads, etc. Realize intelligent management

  • Multi-Mode

    Seamless switching between on grid and off-grid

  • Humanization

    Support power priority manual or automatic setting, with high degree of humanization

  • High Application

    Suitable for utilitity energy storage, backup power, peak shaving, frequency modulation, microgrid and other applications

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

Suitable for Wide Application

  • Smart Building

    Energy storage system combining smart building pv module, smart building intelligent elevator system and smart building intelligent charging pile system.
  • Smart Community

    With the improvement of 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other intelligent technologies, the number of smart community construction projects is increasing day by day.
  • Peak load Shifting

    Equipped with energy storage in the smart park, Use the peak shifting effect of energy storage to reduce the impact of electric vehicle charging on the grid and the impact of unstable pv power output on power grid.
  • Emergency Backup Power

    The power supply free maintenance,separate management. It has the advantages of automatic online operation, fast power supply response and low operation cost
Applicable Products

Can use for Residential Energy Storage Solutions

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