Residential Energy Storage System

LINGRUI 5kWh-100kWh
Residential Energy Storage System Solutions

Solution Features

Take Highly Reliable & Expansion LINGRUI Power Home

  • Clean Energy

    Self-consumption´╝îMaximize use of clean energy

  • Flexible Expansion

    Battery system capacity can reaches to 100KWH

  • Save Economic

    Use clean economy solar energy for 24 hours

  • Smart Monitoring

    APP Real-time monitoring, can track system operation status from anywhere

  • Safe Reliable

    Stable power supply, high safety & reliability

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

More Economical New Energy Solutions for Home

  • Residential Use

    Energy storage system use for home roof PV and small wind power generation.
  • Peak Shifting

    Store electricity at low prices,then use solar electricity during the day,and use stored electricity at night when peak prices are high.
  • Island

    It can be fully self-sufficient through PV generation and energy storage system,without relying on grid power supply.
  • Backup Power

    In the case of power supply interruption, voltage sudden drop,etc.,continue to supply power without affecting life.
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