1MW LFP ESS Solution
  • 1MW LFP ESS Solution

500kw and 1MW Container LFP Lithium Battery Energy Storage Solution

Brand: LINGRUI Delivery Date: 5-10 days Place of Origin: CHINA CHINA Transport To: Whole WorldFeature: 500KW 0.5MW 1MW Container LFP ESS Solution is packaged in a high standard container, and lef battery is the basic energy storage device. 
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Product Description

LFP battery energy storage system is packaged in a high standard container, and lef battery is the basic energy storage device. Each container is an independent energy storage unit, including lithium-ion battery system, power conversion system, SCADA and auxiliary system. The product has the advantages of high integration, standardization, multi-function, convenient transportation, short construction and debugging period.       

Product Parameters

Nominal power500 kW1000 kW1000 kWCharge and discharge long-term operation
Storage battery1000 kWh500 kWh
Connection modeThree phase four lines/three phase five lines
On-grid modeNominal power315 Vac/380 VacNo transformer/with transformer
Voltage range85%Un~110%Un
Frequency range48 Hz~52 Hz
Rate of current distortionTHDi<3%THDu<1%时
The power factor0.99Nominal power
Power factor adjustable range-0.9~0.9
DC component<0.5%Nominal power
Off-grid modeVoltage accuracy<1%
Nominal voltage
Voltage fluctuation range<10%
Linear load
Voltage distortionTHDu<3%
Linear load
Rated frequency50 Hz

Frequency range50±0.2 Hz

Independent inversion coefficient3:1

With unbalanced load100%

Round-trip efficiency≥88%
Storage environment temperature-30℃~60℃
Working environment temperature-30℃~45℃The environment temperature
Working relative humidity10%~95%RhNo condensation
The altitude≤2000 m
System noise≤65 dBMeasure at 1m from the device
Ingress protectionIP54
Pollution levels2 grade
Communication interfaceEthernetCommunication protocol MODBUS(TCP/IP)
Product dimension12192*2438*2896 mmL*W*H
Cycle lifeLFP>4000 timesEOL 80%
Calendar life10 years

Product Features

Modularization design, flexible configuration capacity;

Integrated container is able to install and deploy rapidly;

The energy storage system has multilevel protection strategy to ensure the safe and reliable product operation.

Product Application

Frequency regulation, peak shaving, backup power supply, black start, emergency power supply, reactive support, renewable energy integrated.

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