Portable Energy Station

LINGRUI 197Wh-518Wh
High Efficient & Lightweight, Illuminating Outdoor Travel

Solution Features

Indispensable, your outdoor versatile assistant

  • Clean

    Support solar energy conversion, provide a safe and green lifestyle

  • Portable

    Lightweight and compact, easy to carry

  • Compatible

    Supports simultaneous use of multiple electronic devices

  • Long endurance

    Large battery capacity, no worry about long battery life

  • Safe Reliable

    Built-in battery protection system, stable power supply,safe and reliable

Solution Application SCENE DISPLAY

use for widely application scenarios

  • Self-driving travel

    plug in and use at any time. to meet the power demand of equipment emergency and lighting during travel
  • party Outdoor party camping

    no need to worry about electricity, with a projector, lighting, Speaker, easy to open a outdoor party
  • Mobile office

    support the charging needs of computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc., and open the office mode at any time
  • Emergency backup

    When there is a power outage indoors, there is no need to panic, one key turns on and the appliances can be used normally
Applicable Products

Can use for Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Project Case

Diversified Residential Energy Storage Projects

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